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{Wednesday, March 09, 2005}

And now: Programming Under the Influence.

I just had a delicious dinner of Tapas with several other graduate students and one of the top researchers in the world, in my field. Luckily enough, I had a few glasses of their very tasty sangria along with dinner. Luckily enough, I also set up a meeting with The Man for tomorrow, to discuss a new experiment we're collaborating on, and to show him the stimuli I've come up with.

Or, will come up with. Tonight. If the sangria is unable to stop me.


(ah, well, maybe they'll just be funkier arrays of circles & squares than they otherwise would be.)

posted by Miles 8:03 PM

Here's to Funky Arrays. *cheers*
I just want to say that I love reading your blog... from one science geek to another :-)

We've actually got a lot in common (I was born in Philly area, currently live in Metro DC, interviewed with IGEN, love all things cognitive), so it's great getting another perspective on things. Keep writing, I'm enjoying it!
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