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{Tuesday, August 28, 2007}

Play the "Next Seven Years of Your Life" lottery!

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This is a map showing all the places we might be moving to, next year. J gets to submit a rank list, and she's tha' BOMB . . . but in the end, it will be the "match" algorithm that determines where we live for the next seven years. It's basically absolute; either we go where the algorithm sends us, or J can't become a neurosurgeon.

As my friend Darren once said . . . "You must really like this girl, huh?"


Since it's been a long while since I last posted, I'll give you a (very) brief summary: I finished my dissertation, graduated, traveled around mexico, moved to upstate NY, started AI postdoc, and got chickens.


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posted by Miles 2:18 PM

Um. What do the different colored thumbtacks mean?

Yay, that you're blogging again. I have no desire to blog, myself, but I like keeping up with my loved ones that way.

The thumbtack colors don't mean anything; however, I've now updated the map to show where she's been invited to interview (orange envelope) . . . as well as where she's received a rejection letter from (blue swimmer).
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