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{Friday, April 27, 2007}

I decided to do a little ego-pumping this morning to get me going. So I went and looked up my Neuron paper in the ISI citation index, and then looked up the impact factors of all the journals my paper has been cited in. It's been cited 28 times:

ImpactJournal (times cited)
20.95 Nature Reviews Neuroscience (3)
14.67 PLOS Biology
14.30 Neuron (4)
10.23 PNAS
9.78Annual Review of Psychology
9.16Trends in Cognitive Sciences
8.57Current Opinion in Neurobiology
7.56Journal of Neuroscience
5.29Neuroimage (6)
5.00Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B
4.53Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
4.50Psychological Science
2.30Brain Research
2.00Neuroreport (2)

Of course, most of these citations are people saying I'm wrong. :-)

That's okay. I know the truth. :-p

posted by Miles 9:46 AM

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