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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Thursday, October 19, 2006}

Why is cool cool? Why is it hip to be jaded? Why are the hippies made fun of? Why is goodness considered passe? Why is it taboo amongst the cool to wear all of your heart on your sleeve?

Maybe it's all perspective; we all see the world through lenses that change in color as we age. If I listen with a jaded ear, I hear the cold twang of a music exec's market research, and miss the artist's original emotion. If I watch with a jaded eye, I see drama written to capture attention and breed compulsion, and miss the underlying, mediating emotional content.

One function that art can serve is to make the private public; to bridge the gap between our lives on the inside, and our constrained, socially purposeful behavior on the outside.

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