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{Wednesday, October 18, 2006}

I think what we're to take from this NY Times article is that we'd all be better off if congress & the FBI joined us 20-somethings in getting all of our news from The Daily Show.

"Can you tell a Sunni from a Shiite?"

This reporter has made a habit of asking this simple question at the end of each interview he does with anyone in Washington, D.C. He tells them he's not asking for intricate details, just who's who and what they want now, basically. He describes how many in congress & the intelligence community are entirely unable to answer the question.

Can you? How about Iran: Sunni or Shiite? How about Al Qaida? Saddam Hussein? Hezbollah? Do you know the fundamentals of what they disagree on?

Here are some answers for ya' (and for you, Mr. Congressman):

Divisions of Islam
History of Shi'a-Sunni relations

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