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{Wednesday, June 14, 2006}

(This post written but unposted on Sunday, May 28th)

Jess is in Boston now, studying for The Boards, and I've been enjoying playing a supporting role - grocery shopping, cooking dinners, that kind of thing. It's great, actually. Yesterday I convinced Jess to take a study break and go see a movie, so we went and saw Over the Hedge. Hilarious movie, I highly recommend it. But I digress. On the way home, we passed this fish market in a portuguese neighborhood, and a light went on in my head - so after dropping Jess at home (to study more - she was getting antsy) I circled back and visited the market. Here's dinner:

That's a whole Tilapia, marinated in rosemary-basil olive oil, stuffed with lemon, fresh herbs, scallions and sun-dried tomatos, wrapped in bacon, and then roasted. It was pretty damn good.

Thursday night I made Tangine Chicken (the Joy of Cooking recipe), which was even tastier than the fish (though not as pretty) . . . and made a salad with the first produce from my garden! Fresh spinach, straight out of the ground, is amazing.

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