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{Monday, April 03, 2006}

I want a new car.

This one:

There's just one problem; it's not sold in the US. Yet. But Daaaammn.

You should explore the site linked above, even though it's heavily flash & beaming to you direct from Japan, meaning it's pretty slow to load. Go into the site, and try the "Experience" link. :-)

posted by Miles 11:05 AM

In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, I must agree, "That's Hot."
. . .
You sure you don't mean this one?
Re: Zack's link - Jesus, what IS that thing? Do you stand up in it? In any case, yes, I'm quite sure that's not my next car. But I'm serious about the one I linked to - the bB is begin sold now in Japan, and Toyota may or may not bring it to the U.S. this fall, as the 2007 version of the Scion xB.
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