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{Thursday, February 16, 2006}

One thing I've never understood is why Apple doesn't offer a subscription service as an option in iTunes. It could just be a DRM issue, where the changes to the protected AAC format, and potentially the iPod software, would be too much of a hassle. I doubt it, though - I think Apple has the technological savvy to get it done if they want to.

I wish they would. I'd love, for instance, to pay $15 a month and be able to listen to anything in the iTunes music store . . . as long as I'd be able to download & keep a song for every dollar spent, if I wanted to cancel the subscription. As I see it, everybody wins - Apple gets the steady revenue stream of knowing I'll "buy" at least $15 of music a month, and I get to explore the entire catalog, and more easily find new music.

posted by Miles 10:30 AM

I agree that's a great idea, and I'd be more compelled (by a great margin!) to use the iTunes store as a subscription based service. There's still the AAC problem though.

My device of choice (the Treo) cannot play songs I PAID FOR through the iTunes store - AAC encoded - when it can play those I get for free (mp3 encoded). Obviously buying music is both illogical and unappealing for a user in my position. Interestingly, the Treo is perfectly capable of playing AAC and even has a plugin for the TCPMP software to do so. However, apple sued TCPMP and made them disable the AAC-reading software, so now my Treo won't play iTunes purchased songs...and I am no longer an iTunes store customer.
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