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{Sunday, January 15, 2006}

My "read of the day" is slashdot's original discussion of the iPod, the day it was first introduced. The one-line summary in the header? "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame." Absolutely hilarious. I mean, I respect slashdot a lot; you see a lot of really sharp analysis, there. But people were just absolutely clueless about the impact the iPod would have. A few choice comments:

"I have to agree this is a let-down. For all the secrecy and even Steve Jobs promise of something "revolutionary", as an Apple fanatic I am unimpressed. I was expecting something quite a bit cooler then an MP3 player."

"Replace the 5 gig drive with a 20 gig drive, change Firewire to USB, keep the ability to use it as an external hard disk, drop the presumed heavy integration with iTunes, knock the battery life down to 8 hours from 10, knock $50 off the price, and you've got this [] []. iPod is a good product, but nothing to get excited over. I'll stay with my RioVolt [] []. Instead of a hard disk, it uses CD-R or CD-RW, and can play regular audio CDs."

"iPod is Apple testing the waters. There's more to come."

posted by Miles 11:48 AM

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