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{Monday, October 24, 2005}

Being a Mac user makes me feel powerless, sometimes.

Like, I talked to my mom today; her Dell PC has started acting up when connected to the internet, and she's worried she may have a spyware problem. She looks to me for technical help, and I'm clueless. "Sorry, mom," I say, "I don't use Windows anymore, and there basically isn't any spyware or other malware written for Macs, so I never have to deal with it, so no - I don't have any idea how effective those clean-up programs are, or which ones are best, or even how to diagnose whether you really have a problem."

It's tough. I feel bad. But I guess I'll have to live with it.

posted by Miles 11:05 AM

Ahem. [insert thinly veiled air of self-satisfaction and investor pride here...]

Now seriously, when're you going to hop over to my blog and notice my unfathomably awesome shelving systems, and/or the fact that your girlfriend knows how to use power tools?? :-)
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