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{Sunday, January 02, 2005}

Happy New Year! It's 2005. Wacky.

In the past few days, I've gone on a bit of a shopping binge. Let's see if there's a theme:

(1) A winter coat ($40 at Burlington Coat Factory)
(2) Hiking boots (-$5, thanks to EMS's wonderful "100% satisfaction guarantee" & my falling-apart old boots)
(3) Yaktrax ($20)
(4) A DVD player ($27)
(5) A hairdryer ($10)
(6) A vibrating timer ($20)
(7) A 500 ml water bottle ($6)
(8) Polypro long underwear ($32)
(9) A neoprene facemask ($13)
(10) A sleeping bag ($85)

Disregarding #4-#6, there are two themes that stand out: (A) I don't like being cold, and (B) I miss backpacking. In actuality, #5 fits theme A, too, because it was used to put up window-insulating plastic sheeting around my apartment. In any case, it's true: I don't like being cold, and I miss backpacking.

I'm in Albany with Jess for a few weeks, now, so the concern about the cold is at least on the rational side of obsessive. The backpacking bit I may not be able to do anything about anytime real soon . . . because of the cold. But I don't know. I'm an "I don't give a f@%*" kind of guy when it comes to hiking & camping, I'll have a warm bag & a good coat, and hell - at least there are no mosquitos, in winter. Maybe I'll do a little exploring of Massachusetts State Forests when the weather's not too god-awful.

In any case, I'm in Albany, and I think my time here is going to be a blast. Jess took me to the histo lab today & I got to play with a real human brain (or two) and skull. That's so cool! She's received permission for me to attend classes with her for the next two weeks, including the skull & brain dissection anatomy labs. While I've done a lot of "virtually" playing with brains in my fMRI work, that was all just picture-takin'. This is something else entirely, and I'm really psyched about it.

Speaking of picture takin', Jess got herself a new digital camera recently (so cool). So, apropos of nothing:

Also apropos of nothing, Jess opened her online store selling hand-sewn greyhound collars this week (yay!) and I volunteered to help with marketing by setting up a google "adwords" account. So cool! I've been longing for something to attempt to advertise on the web for years, but I'm . . . well, far too lazy to actually create a product and launch a business. So this was a golden opportunity! Thus far the google campaign has cost $5 in start-up fees + $1.88 for a grand total of 11 click-throughs (out of ~180 appearances of the ad) and zero purchases. But hey. It has only just begun. And my frequent checks of the hit count over the last two days have been well worth the $6.88 just in entertainment value.

So yeah, happy new year!

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Awww! You guys are so cute!

Dawn Star
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