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{Friday, January 07, 2005}

Every once in a while, I feel the need to kick Steve Jobs' ass, and I send a comment into Apple's user feedback system. Who knows if they ever get read. Here's what I wrote today:

I'm both a shareholder & a user, and from both perspectives it's maddening that Apple has created this wonderful resource, in AppleScript, and then completely failed to make its benefits accessible to most users. The collection of "Apple approved" scripts available through is minimal, and no links to external sites are included.

What I want is search capability across all mailboxes (a la gmail.) A simple google search indicates that exactly such a script is included as an example in the AppleScript Studio documentation but not even script - clearly judged suitable by Apple - is linked to from the Mail AppleScript page, and indeed I've been unable to find a version I can download, ANYWHERE, after an hour of searching.

I understand the value in keeping the core applications simple, for ease of use. But there's also a lot of untapped value in the fact that applescript makes these applications customizable, and CAN make them much more powerful.

The Mac OS X Software link in the main OS X "Apple" menu is wonderful, and takes you directly to a list of 3rd-party applications. This taps the energy of the development community in a wonderful way. What I'm suggesting is a similar link within each core application's "Scripts" menu that will take you to an Apple-managed collection of 3rd-party scripts. This would be SO POWERFUL. Please, please, please! :-)

Thank you for your consideration.

posted by Miles 11:56 AM

Just to note: I read later that the next version of "Mail", which will be included in OS X version 10.4 (Tiger), will have this kind of search capability built in.

So I still think they should take my suggestion about a "get applescripts" menu, but at least a solution to my specific problem is definitely on the way.
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