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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Thursday, December 09, 2004}

Oh, man, this is hard.

I decided this morning (in the shower) that I spend way too much time reading news on the web, and I should quit. I don't really get that much out of it, you know, it's more of a compulsion, and overall I'd be happier if I spent the time (a) working, or (b) actually relaxing and enjoying myself - taking walks along the river, going to museums, watching movies, bowling, getting drunk, that kind of thing.

So I decided to go cold turkey. For 10 days. I'm gonna' ask Jess to go through my web-browser's "history" files over the weekend to check on me, and make sure I haven't slipped.

Oh, man, this is hard.

No No No, or, or And I had to type all those URLs in by hand, because I couldn't go to the sites and copy & paste, like I usually would.

But like Obi Wan Kenobi said, in Trainspotting (eh-heh) . . . with God's help I will conquer this terrible affliction.

(News: It's the new heroin. Any day now the War on Terror will be passe, and the administration will declare a new "war" to free us from the terrible scourge of news addiction.)

p.s. - Yes, I'm allowed to blog, and yes, it is just about exactly like methadone for me.

posted by Miles 5:28 PM

Dude, so you didn't hear about the Earthquake? Or the assasination?!!!11!?//!one!!one-hundred-eleven11!!slash?!!

Dude, don't mess with my head. I'm unstable. :-)
Eh. News is for weenies. Now that I've drowned out the Post and the Times with a hundred blogs and live journals, I find it boring. The real news is what's not had its color washed by the forces of "good journalism", and is instead the mass feeling as written by the masses.
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