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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Thursday, November 11, 2004}


This morning I had my mind on my money, and my money on my mind (like my man Snoop). I was thinking "How can I make the best of a bad situation . . . how can I profit from Bush's re-election?"

My first thought was "Perhaps Bush's re-election will lead to the overall collapse of the U.S. economy under our crushing debt load." So I started looking at companies in Europe, India, Japan, etc.

Unfortunately, even in this modern age, you can't trade on foreign markets via the internet, and ADRs are only fluid for the largest conglomerates, so I gave up.

So then I thought "Okay, Bush perhaps more than anything means more $$$ in the hands of the few. How can I profit from that?" My answer?

High-end McMansions:

My girlfriend says it was a morally repugnant investment.

Ah, well. What can you do?

posted by Miles 1:54 PM

Morally Repugnant... yep, I'd say that. Toll Brothers have a history of purchasing honest old farmhouses with large plots of land all over my hometown. What becomes of the acres of paddock or orchard or overgrown once-upon-a-time cornfields? They are promptly converted to crowded neighborhoods of identical, enormous and flimsy houses. Toll Brothers take up the kinds of properties that really *could* be restored into grand mansions with character and structure and originality, and replace them with basically disposable housing. It's shameful.

But more to the point, I was surprised that *you* didn't find it morally repugnant. Tut, tut.

I also posed the idea that you're making the best of a bad situation, though, and I'll stand by that. Bush probably is going to create an economy that favors the McMansion. We'll all be horribly sick of Yuppie Housing Projects in four years, but at least you'll have made some cash off of them.
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