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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Tuesday, October 05, 2004}

This is an awesome, funny, wholesome piece of Minnesotan sports-writing: Espn Page 2, "Truth, Justice, and the Twins".

Really, read it even if you're not a baseball type.

Meanwhile . . . this Johan Santana fellow is really something, eh?

Neuron let us know today that our paper is all set, and they're targeting October 28th for the publication date. Awesome! That was fast. They've also invited us to submit a candidate cover image - how cool! So now I get to put on my graphic designer hat & try to cook something up.

Also, I led my first class "section" tonight. I was a little nervous at the start, and there are some ways I can improve, but overall I think it went pretty well. Francis reminded me tonight of his suggestion that I eschew staid instruction and just go with an approach of overwhelming my students with my enthusiasm for the subject matter. It's a good plan. Maybe I'll try it on Thursday.

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