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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Friday, October 01, 2004}

Alright! I have internet access from home again! Jim took his wireless router with him when he moved out, and I'll tell ya', it's been a rough week around here.

Wow, have I been neglecting this blog.


So, how 'bout that debate last night?

I was disgruntled and disappointed with Kerry throughout - I kept feeling like he was missing opportunities, like when Lehrer asked him how Bush had misled the country, and he failed to mention the administration's persistent innuendo concerning links between Saddam's regime and Al Qaeda, or on the topic of N. Korea, when he didn't bring up the administration's suppression of N. Korea's admissions regarding nuclear weapons until after the bill to authorize the use of force in Iraq had been voted on. HUGE deceptions, but Kerry stuck to the weak line about "he promised to plan carefully, but didn't", etc.

Weak. But I knew, going in, that I wouldn't be able to judge who was "winning" very well. I'm aware of how disconnected I am from the "moderate" masses, and I'm okay with it. I think Bush pretty much always acts like an ass, but most of the time some 50% of the people in this country seem to like him - so when I thought he came off like an idiot in the debate, that failed to convince me that he was losing the public's affections.

But all appearances are, in the hearts and minds of those who are sufficiently apathetic that they haven't made up their minds yet . . . Kerry kicked Bush's butt! Alright! That's really pretty exciting.

Okay, it's about time for the 7:30 Booty-Call Express to leave the station, en route to Albany. Peace.

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