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{Tuesday, May 18, 2004}

Jess and I came back from a movie (Troy) last night, and got off the T in Central Sq. a little past midnight. When we came out of the subway, the street was alive; cops blocking off the street a block away, people bustling around, sounds of a crowd. I wondered what was going on, for a few seconds; then I remembered.

"Hey, want to go check out the gay marriage thing?" I asked Jess.

So we did. We got there around 25 after midnight - 25 minutes after Cambridge City Hall opened its doors for special hours, in order to be the very first place in the state of Massachusetts where gay couples could go to get legally married.

The scene was festive; a throng of thousands filled the street and lawn in front of City Hall, and every time a couple went in or came out, hand in hand, the crowd errupted with cheers. It really struck me as one of the most deeply joyful gatherings I've ever seen. It didn't seem political; I guess there were a few Christian protesters, there, but they weren't noticable. It was, by and large, just a really big group of really happy people. Happy, I think it's worth noting, in a quiet way, despite the volume of the cheers. I've been around Bostonians euphoric over the Patriots winning their first Superbowl. This was just as ecstatic a crowd, but it was a completely, completely different kind of ecstasy. It was deep. And it was meaningful.

It was rare.

Congratulations, all around.

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