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{Tuesday, March 30, 2004}

Two things I'm proud of, that are not the NSF:

(1) I fixed my car by replacing the voltage regulator; the mechanic who'd looked at it had said the alternator was bad and wanted $380 to replace it. The regulator was $25, bought online, and I spent $18 on a multimeter for testing. I rock.

(2) I went to the gym to play basketball today, and couldn't hit a shot. Frustrated, I decided to shoot some threes after everyone had left. I hit 47 of 100. Then I decided to see how I'd do shooting just from the top of the key - straight on. I hit 60 of 100 threes from there. Francis, my boy, get ready. :-)

And one thing I'm not: My dad whupped on me in Scrabble while he was up here visiting. :-) I think he won 7 of 9 games, and held me under 300 in a few of those. Too much defense. (Defense? Scrabble? You betcha. He was killin' me.)

Despite losing at that, and losing at poker, and watching the Sixers get absolutely walloped by the Celtics, it was a really fun visit. :-) We saw an absolutely fantastic concert, Friday night: Baaba Maal, at the Somerville Theater, a ten minute walk from my place, in Davis Sq.

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