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{Friday, February 13, 2004}

So, we've got something going on in Massachussetts that I think deserves everyone's attention. It's getting it.

I decided, this morning, fuck it, I'm going to spend a half hour of my time writing my representatives in the state legislature. I recently registered to vote here (finally) and votes count most locally.

Writing discrimination into the constitution is just plain messed up - and it seems like it would be especially unfortunate for it to happen in this most liberal of states. We have a chance to set an important precedent here - just by following the supreme court's interpretation of the state constitution - and set it in stark contrast to the ignorant, discriminatory, and devisive precedent set in other states, recently, that have explicitly prohibited gays and lesbians from marrying.

If you live in Massachusetts and want to know who your representatives are and how to contact them, you can look here.

posted by Miles 10:55 AM

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