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{Monday, February 02, 2004}

Despite the excellent Superbowl yesterday, and an optimistic, eager attitude about the week to come when I went to bed last night, today I'm depressed. Haven't left the house.

My iPod is broken.

Just yesterday, I was listening to it over my living room stereo. This morning, when I was about to set off for work, I plugged in my headphones, and only got one channel. I wiggled the connector. Nothing. I fussed with it more, and more. I cleaned the contacts. I tried different headphones. No good. Left-channel audio only. Which is pretty crappy to listen to.

This is apparently a not-too-uncommon problem; I found some discussion of it on a few bulletin-board type sites. Sending it in to apple for service costs a whopping $250 + shipping, which is pretty ridiculous. I got a quote of $110 with no promises from a Western Michigan University student who claims to be an expert iPod repairman, but I'm not sure about sending it off to him. I followed instructions I found on the web, and pried the Pod open, examined everything, found nothing visibly amiss. When I put it back together, it still worked/failed in the same way. Aaargh. This when my Cambridge resident permit has just expired, meaning I'll be having to walk to work everyday from my new place in Somerville.

I'm so, so frustrated.

And on top of all that, I've been feeling vaguely sick all day.

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