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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Thursday, January 29, 2004}

So, Jess & I were reading over Kerry's "issue" statements tonight, and I was skewering him for being non-specific, and for his entire plan being to throw money at everything.

I decided that nothing he was talking about was really all that important to me, and resolved to vote for the first candidate I could find with a science platform. Any kind of science platform.

Not one single candidate has one.

I'm appalled.

Is federal funding for basic research really such a complete non-issue? I guess so. They have environmental plans, and health care plans, but you'd think, from reading the platforms, that there is no science beyond ecology and medicine. Not only is no-one interested in funding scientific research aimed at improving education (rather than pouring money into the current nonfunctional system), no one is particularly interested in promoting research as a way of solving any problem.

My new conviction is to vote for the first candidate I can find who can tell me, off the top of his head, what the derivative of e^x is. In my dreams, Peter Jennings busts this question out at the next debate.

Oh, and Jess beat me at Scrabble, tonight.


The damage: "Patterned" and "Fishiest".

And yes, I want that f*@%ing period outside the quotation marks. It's my form of civil disobedience / social protest / FYM / . . . goddamnit, she didn't put a "." down on the board, so why should it be inside the ""?

"So there!" I say, with great force.

posted by Miles 12:04 AM

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