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{Thursday, January 08, 2004}

I get annoyed with sometimes, when I feel like they're cluttering my mailbox. But some of what they do is pretty good.

They recently orchestrated a contest called "Bush In Thirty Seconds", soliciting 30 second spots with only these guidelines:
We're NOT looking for the same old slick political ads from Washington media consultants. Instead, we're looking for really creative ads that will engage and enlighten viewers and help them understand the truth about George Bush.

The contest was open to anyone, and over 1000 ads were submitted.

15 finalists have been selected via internet voting, and some of them, I think, are really, really good. You should check 'em out. They're hard hitting in a way that you don't see from the DNC or the Democratic candidates, in a way that's probably only possible, politically, for an independent organization. Maybe, too, only possible creatively for people totally on the outside of the business - I haven't really been that thrilled with other ads MoveOn has run.

There are an additional 12 ads that didn't make the finals, but have been nominated for special awards in the categories "Funniest Ad", "Best Youth Ad", and "Best Animation" - I like some of these quite a lot, too.

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