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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Friday, December 05, 2003}

I love it when Google hacks itself . . .

'miserable failure'

(get it while it lasts)

{Edit, following a little additional meta-googling research.}

Or, maybe google does not work the way I think it does, and this has been effectively engineered by 'outsiders'. As in, there's a 'web project' to write HTML tags with the label "miserable failure" that list to the official presidential biography, and that's what's making the google search work the way it does. This sort of does (and sort of doesn't) fit with my conception of how 'reference ranking' based search engines like google work.

Jim, do you know enough about how google works to clarify this? Anyone else?

posted by Miles 9:17 AM

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