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{Tuesday, October 14, 2003}

First: Jess got her MCAT scores back, and they're awesome! Woooo! Let me tell you, high MCAT scores are sexy. Jess, my dad says to remind you that if you get into every single school you applied to, you owe him a dollar. :-P

Second: I was at Fenway last night for the Sox win over the Yankees. Really, it was a remarkably calm crowd, considering all the craziness on Saturday, but it was still a blast. The Sox are now 3-0 with me in attendance during the playoffs. :-) And may I just say one more time: Fenway is an incredible place to take in a ballgame.

Third: I might have set my all time personal high in Digger. A monstrous 38,000. Oh, yeah.

Fourth: I went down to N.Y. for the weekend, with Jess, Jimmy K, and Patrick, for a party of Jordan's in Manhattan. Jim Buckwalter surprised Jordan by coming all the way from California, and it was really great to see him. God, I love spending time with those guys; we're such total goofballs when we're around each other. The party location was really amazing, too; on the roof of 41 River Terrace, in Battery City, about 45 stories high, and right on the Hudson. We arrived in time for sunset, and we could see the entire city bathed in beautiful light. In one view, we could see the Statue of Liberty, the Financial District (including the construction at ground zero), the length of the Hudson, and Hoboken across the River. Just . . . totally amazing.

Fifth: I have a big talk to give tomorrow. It ain't close to done. Yeah.

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