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{Friday, September 19, 2003}

My computer's back! With a brand new motherboard inside, apparently. It died nine days ago, now; started doing screen fireworks, crashing, and then simply not coming up at all. I thought, at first, that I might lose a month and a half's work; all the data, analysis, and code for my latest experiment. I was about ready to shoot myself for not having backed it up more recently; in the end, though, I managed to get it to come on and stay up long enough to get my data off. Even then, though, and even with a pretty similar lab-laptop to use as a backup, it was a tough week not having my machine. It's got a pretty integral role in my life. :-)

School's starting up, and I'm taking a class I'm decently psyched about. It's about computational theories of conceptual development: bayesian models for learning, that kind of thing. Heavy on Philosophy, heavy on AI, which is to say heavy on lots of stuff that I don't have much of a clue about. Good.

My AR study is wrapping up, or should be soon; I'm not sure exactly where to move next, but I've got a ton of possibilities, and a newly hired R.A. coming to work for me (& just me!). I was at Harvard for about 17 hours on Tuesday, and worked maybe 11 yesterday. I feel pressured, like there's tons to do, but I'm not feeling weighed down by it, for once, just pushed forward.

The Eagles are absolutely terrible. That's depressing.

But I'm not letting them weigh me down, either; after all, the Phillies are in a penant race, the Red Sox are winning one, and my fantasy baseball team is kickin' butt in the playoffs.

I need a nap.

And I need to examine two analyses, analyze three subjects, write code for four new experiments, write two essays, one grant and one paper, and . . . eat.

Thai. That's what I want.

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