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{Tuesday, August 19, 2003}

I solved the last riddle! It was actually last thursday, I went at it for about two hours on the giant whiteboard in my lab's kitchen area. I'm tempted to post the solution . . . but that wouldn't be any good; if it were here, you'd be tempted to just click through and look at it, when what you really want to do is solve it for yourself. :-) Just email me if you really do want to see my solution.

I went out to Walden Pond with Jess, Jim, Patrick & Kirsten last Thursday; Friday night was an end-of-summer Carey Lab party; Saturday night was our last Adams Terrace party. We went with a timecube theme, which I thought was awesome, but appeared to just confuse most people. Ah, well. The reminder email went like this:

4+ ?4 Adams Terrace.
Tonight. Party!

Hey stupid - are you too dumb to know there are 4 different simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth? Greenwich 1 day is a lie. 4 quadrants = 4 corners, and 4 PARTIES, in the same location: ADAMS TERRACE!

Humans are 1-corner beings (1-corner face 4-corner head) who rotate 4-corner lifetimes: baby, child, parent, g-parent. Time Cube debunks god lies.
Evil people deny Time Cube and don't come to party. Educators are flat-out liars. Evil media hides Time Cube and suppresses knowledge of party.

Today is the 4*4 = 16th day of the 4+4=8th month of the f(4)=26th year since Elvis Presley transcended the man-god word world! Party!

I had . . . this is both amusing and distressing . . . been so stressed out about Jess taking the MCATs on Saturday that I'd barely slept the night before . . . I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep, while she peacefully snoozed all night. This left us both exhausted by the time the party started, but she still made it 'til 1:00, and I made it all the way through to 3:00 am, when the party was finally dispersing. It was a good time.

To come: an essay on the sociological and psychological origins of pride, its applicability at different levels, and a look at the balance between heirarchy, egalitarianism, isolation & internationalism in politics and in religion. Hit me if I don't write it.

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