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{Wednesday, July 02, 2003}

So, I haven't been posting because I've felt like there's so much to write that I don't know where to start; that's no good, so I'll break the trend with a trivial post.

I love the new Liz Phair album. It took me a few listens to fully warm up to it, but I've arrived. Yes, it's more of a pop sound, and yes, the lyrics have a different tone . . . it's interesting, if whitechocolatespaceegg was Liz showing her maturity, the theme of this album might be said to be post-mature. Liz hashing out (apparently) the breakdown of the marriage she was glowing about in whitechocolatespaceegg, the ever dynamic nature of attraction, love, and friendship, and - in my favorite song of the album - how it all seems and feels to her now six year old son.

Dig little digger, don't be shy
You saw your mother with another guy
You think you'll tell her that she's one of a kind, you say
My Mother is mine

You put your trucks up on the bed next to him
So he can get a better look at them, you say
This ones my favorite one, this one you can't have
I got it from my Dad, you say
I got it from my Dad

Now you're thinking little thoughts about it
Taking every inch of him in
What does it mean when something changes how its always been
And in your head you keep repeating the line
My Mother is mine

I've done the damage, the damage is done
I pray to God that I'm the damaged one
In all these grown-up complications that you don't understand
I hope you can, someday
I hope you can

There's something intensely sad, even in all the energy of the album - a sorrowful acknowledgement and recognition of the simple reality that nothing is - that nothing related to love can be - as simple as we think it should be when we are children.

Or when we have children.

Or ever.

posted by Miles 2:25 PM

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