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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Thursday, July 31, 2003}

Fuck! What an awesome album!

Body parts are nice,
I can close my eyes,
and think about your lips;
They quiver to the tips
of the fingers on my hand
I'm a man
with some secret plans
I need to carry out.
You are my mission......impossible, at first
We're like cold fission...I feel an energy flow...
Let it all go,
Close your eyes
Body parts are nice.

What makes you warm?
The sun on your skin, a summer storm
Rain, on your face,
Rain that you can taste
As it drips
down your lips
like a kiss
from the one you love.

- "Bodyparts", from the album Magazine, by Jump, Little Children

Ay, my head is ringing from listening to it over & over at high volumes. It's the best White Stripes song the White Stripes never wrote, man. No offense to either side.


posted by Miles 1:35 AM

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