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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Friday, July 11, 2003}

Cambridge is covered by a dense mist. It's beautiful from up here on the 11th floor.

and in the backseat of your car
you showed me every single star
and how the zenith and the sounds
change in every single town
well, it's over and i can't go there anymore

- The Organ

I saw this band, along with "The New Pornographers" last night at the Middle East. It had been a long, long time since I'd been to a show. It was good - I'd never heard of The Organ, but I loved 'em - the singer reminds me of Patti Smith, voice & lyrics wise, with a sexy/androgynous lesbian-meloncholy-punk attitude. Indie rock rules. They're playing in N.Y. at the Bowery tonight & tomorrow, and in D.C. at the Black Cat on the 13th.

Support Artists. :-)

posted by Miles 10:54 AM

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