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{Monday, July 07, 2003}


A strikeout on the apartment; multiple realtors were showing it, it was a long weekend, there was a middleman between our guy and the owner . . . same kind of mess that sunk us on the place we loved and put a deposit down on two years ago, only to lose. I hate this process.

Fortunately, we saw another place that we like, today - hopefully we'll actually get this one. It's not as close, for me; it's right near the start of the bike path in Somerville, North of Porter. Nice, big place, with off-street parking, front & rear decks, brand-new looking kitchen, two common rooms, two bathrooms. Nice. Just not quite as nice for me, because of the location. But still cheap. $100 per person less than we're paying now, for a substantially nicer place.

Don't hate the player, man, hate the game.

Speaking of which, I used to be in the "Why does MTV play all these stupid shows instead of music videos?" camp. I don't even watch TV, but I have no idea how I could not watch Snoop Dogg's "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle". I was a little addicted to Punk'd for a while, too. I mean, this is good sh*t, dude.

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