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{Tuesday, June 17, 2003}

Jess noticed my old company making biotech news yesterday. Seeing that made me go check to see what they've been up to lately. It looks like the product I worked on my whole year there is finally on the market! In fact, maybe I just missed it for a while because they've kept the "joint venture" LLC that it is being produced "by" carefully separated from IGEN itself. It's a joint venture between (cough, impropriety, cough) IGEN's director and majority shareholder and his son & wife, called "Meso Scale Diagnostics"; IGEN pours money & employee time in, the accessory Wohlstaders provide the "key patents" & reap at least half of any money the LLC ever makes.

Anyway, that's not the point. Point is, the product I worked on is actually out! This is cool because nothing else I've ever worked on, scientifically, has actually come to fruition (with one exception); my high-school spinal neuropathology work never got published, the sky survey and the CMB polarimetry project I did my thesis on at Caltech both, I'm pretty sure, got "scooped" by other research teams, and - until now - it looked like the year's work I put in in Gaithersburg three years ago had disappeared into a black hole, too. But no!

Check it out:

Look at the "Sector HTS", under "products"; that's the device I was primarily involved in the engineering of, though I worked some on the lil' one (the "PR") too.

(Portions of this post shamelessly cut'n'pasted from an email I wrote earlier to Jess.)

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