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{Monday, April 21, 2003}

I love the playoffs. I mean that - this weekend - was just some incredible basketball. Allen Iverson went for 55 points last night. He's the quickest guy in the NBA, but last night, in the last six minutes, having played the entire game . . . he was quicker than quick, he was the god damn Flash, he was moving faster than anyone I've seen in my life. Bouncing, weaving, darting, exploding past defenders to the hole, juking guys literally off their feet to get free to . . . swoosh a three. He is so fun to watch.

I don't know how long this will be up, but check out the SportsCenter Highlights from the game ("video" link on the right side, a little ways down . . . I can't link to it directly.)

The only other bit I actually caught, this weekend, was then end of the Spurs-Suns game . . . Stoudemire banking in a three to send the game to overtime, then Marbury hitting a running, desperation bank-shot three as time expired in overtime, to win. That was just ridiculous.

. . .

I spent the weekend in states South with Jessica, visiting her sister, just outside of N.Y., and having Easter brunch with her slightly extended family. I really enjoyed our stay with her sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Greg - Jennifer made an amazing dinner, Greg made sure I got nicely toasted on a little bit of beer and a lot of great wine, and had me absolutely in hysterics over an old Richard Pryor DVD. I mean, that was some intensely funny shit. Anyway, I had a great time. Brunch was nice, too, on Sunday, though Jess and I both managed to not be feeling so great - her medicine was really getting to her, and my stomach was acting up. Spring was coming on in full force, in Montclaire, NJ - blossoming dogwoods and cherry trees, bright greens everywhere. It hasn't arrived yet, up here in Boston, but it was really nice to get a taste of it.

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