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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Monday, March 03, 2003}

New York was, as always, fun. Almost everyone flaked on Jordan, so the treasure-hunt / ditch-day-ish part of the day just didn't happen. New York twentysomethings, apparently, do not wake up by noon on Saturdays, and when they do get up, are not interested in doing anything active. The theory, I guess, is that (a) they're exhausted from excessive work-weeks in the finance world, and (b) there are so many entertainment options in N.Y. that no one commits to or necessarily attends friends' parties. In any case, I felt pretty bad for Jordan, who had put a lot into the day's planning.

We just kind of wandered, most of the day . . . to a little shop in Chinatown for some cheap, delicious dumplings, to DUMBO (down under the manhattan bridge overpass) in Brooklyn, for the view of the bridges & some pool, drinks, & appetizers at a sweet little bar there. For the evening, we rented a movie, smoked some cigars from Cuba Cuba that Jordan had ("from his contact at the Italian embassy" . . . and a first for me) and drank some fine, fine scotch. To top it all off, we had some oh-my-god-delicious mochi red-bean ice cream balls. I definitely need to get Anh to pick me up some of those from Super 88.

Today Jimmy K comes back home, from his 3.5 month trip 'round the world. Bonus.

Spades, here we come.

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