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{Friday, March 28, 2003}

New "listening" posted - the last 25 songs played from my "top-rated, unrecent" iTunes smart playlist, set to random. I was diggin' it - iTunes rocks. My own radio-show full of songs I groove to that I haven't heard in a long while. Oh, yeah.

I'm still here, in my office, 11 stories above Cambridge, trying to write. I pledged a draft of the to-be-submitted paper on my fMRI number studies of the last two years to Nancy Kanwisher, my prof at MIT, by tomorrow, Friday. It's not looking so good for actually making that deadline. But I'm pushing.

If you're interested, email me (using the "you" link under "stimuli" if you want to humor me) and I'll send you the powerpoint slides from the talk I gave last week, on the fMRI stuff I'm writing up now. And / Or explain it all in person.

One day, I will post a link to a PDF of a publication of it. So the story goes, anyway. Here's hoping. Null results can, I guess, be kind of a bitch to publish, even if you do everything right experimentally, and even if they are theoretically relevant. Fundamental bias of science, rant, rant, rant.

One day, too, I'll update the "reading" link, because I'll actually have time to be reading something other than news websites for pleasure. One day.

Either that, or I'll spend that time takin' naps in the sun, down by the Charles, like I did the other day with Jess, and screw books and this blog, cause there's heaven-on-earth to be had out there, it being spring time in Boston. :-)

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