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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Monday, March 17, 2003}

Jessica took me away for the weekend, to a (may I say) charming bed-and-breakfast on the cape. It was exactly what I needed, after the crazy work/school stress of last week, with midterms and all. We had an absolutely mind-blowingly good dinner Saturday night at The Naked Oyster. Fresh bay scallops in a champagne cream sauce, so good that I was closing my head and nodding with a grimace of intense pleasure, on every bite. I'm sure I looked like a complete dork. But it was that good. And, so, maybe the wine was having some influence on me, true. That's okay. The food, still, was that good.

It adds a lot to life, to - just occasionally - eat something that is that incredibly delicious.

I must, too, give mad props to Zen (see link on left) for the groovalicious set of discs he loaned us for the trip. Zen, you da' man.

Jess and I drove back to Boston in beautiful 60 degree weather on Sunday, and took our bikes out for a 12-15 mile trip from Arlington to somewhere past Lexington (I think). That felt good.

* * *

I went with her for her tests, this morning. I wanted to be there - I'm scared for her, though I'm trying to do my best to stay calm and confident and warm, for her sake - and I know I wouldn't want to face those tests alone. I sleepily read papers for class, while the doctors did what I (used to, anyway) do all the time - took pictures of her brain, in different ways. An MEG, and then an EEG. What surprised me - though it shouldn't have, I guess - is that she won't know any results or interpretations until Thursday. When I went in the scanner as a subject, in experiments for my old lab, I could always see the scans as soon as I got out. For some reason it hadn't registered with me that in a clinical situation, it would be completely different.

Today is another beautiful spring-like day. And I'm stuck indoors, working on touching up the talk I give on my imaging work, tomorrow, to my department. Not, to be honest, terribly able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Then, too, there is war.

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