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{Tuesday, March 25, 2003}

I'm back from a long weekend in N.J. and Philadelphia - with a beautiful new (old) car: a 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco in great condition. I'm psyched. I will post pix as soon as I borrow a digital camera.

The weekend was highlighted by the concert my dad took us to on Sunday Night, at the new Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. The building is amazing (try the virtual tour), and the music was amazing. "Birds of a Feather" - headlined by Christian McBride, with old-timer Roy Haynes on drums, and a trumpet player who made my head explode, Nicholas Payton. When I get inside jazz, I get so high - I can't stop grinning, my head is spinning, the music is visual and 3D . . . just, fireworks. I love that.

I also met Jess' parents (very friendly), visited Princeton for the first time (gorgeous), and, eh, got whooped by my dad in Scrabble (as usual - he hit me with 317 points over one 7 turn span, which is just crazy.)

And now, I must go take care of insurance/title/registration etc. paperwork for my new car. Woo-hoo!

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