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With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground . . .


{Sunday, March 09, 2003}

Definitely check out Jessica's blog for today, with some excellent photos from last night's party. :-)

My girlfriend is cool. Damn. I wish I was that cool.

There was some very cool lindy-hopping going on at the party; I learned East Coast swing, some while back, but I'm too self-conscious and out of practice to really be willing to try it out, in a crowd. (I gained this self-consiousness when I was dating an ex-competitive ballroom dancer, who just kind of laughed at my efforts. Arghh.) Lindy looks cooler. Maybe I should try to learn . . . but I have a lot of trouble, learning steps. I can fool non-dancers into thinking I'm a decent dancer, by doing sorta' complex spins and turns and even (at one point) a few lifts . . . but beyond the very basic East Coast swing step I seem not to have much success learning to properly dance. I just, essentially, bullshit. Which is fun. But.

Aside from that? I have been working all weekend. I have been forgetting-to-eat working, all weekend. I am, at the moment, starving. I am a boring grad student. I apologize.

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